The tech engine revolutionizing e‑commerce.

Expensive proprietary code or one-size-fits-all solutions have been the only options for e-commerce businesses—until now. Chord is the only data-first, API-first, complete headless commerce platform.


Chord is the only headless platform fine-tuned for efficiency, speed, and flexibility.



Traditional e-commerce platforms give you limiting templates and inflexible infrastructure. To get the experience you want, you have to add clunky apps that are hard to manage and fit together.


Build-it-yourself Headless

Headless platforms enable more flexibility but require considerable upfront effort and expense, necessitating large tech teams and constant upkeep.

  • Customer Managed


Chord’s flexible infrastructure empowers bespoke builds without the high costs and associated maintenance challenges.

  • Chord Managed
  • Customer Managed

All the features you’ll need to scale now (and into the future).

Superpowered SDK

Fine-tuned by experts to incorporate best-in-class integrations and empower unlimited design flexibility.

Data modeling & warehousing

Custom dashboards configured to deliver more meaningful customer data and actionable insights.

Scalable content frameworks

Designed to help you manage and structure content more efficiently, that’s easy to implement from the start.

Subscriptions, referrals, and affiliate tools

Customer experience-enhancing components that help drive lifetime value and lower acquisition costs.

Provisioned environments

Easy-to-build and implement commerce tools honed to support the unique needs of a DTC business.

See how Chord stacks up against Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus
Core commerce competencies
Advanced insights and data modeling
Native subscriptions and bundling
Referral and affiliate
International & multi-store
Static Site Generation
API-first integrations hub

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