The API-first, Data-first Commerce Platform

Created by experts in DTC innovation, Chord's headless commerce platform gives you the power to do anything.

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Subscriber retention

12 mo.

Build your e-commerce business with Chord for ultimate flexibility, insight, and speed.

  • Chord Analytics
  • Use richer customer data to hone site experience for better outcomes.

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  • Reach and retain new customers with highly flexible subscription features.


Reduce CAC, increase customer loyalty, and raise lifetime value.

How it works
Make whatever you imagine

A flexible commerce framework that enables original customer experiences limited only by your imagination.

Better data, for deeper insight

Fine-tuned by experts to offer meaningful customer data, so you can know—and grow—smarter.

Mission control for operators

With a robust set of features and curated dashboards—everything you need to run your store, from day one.

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