Chord makesbrilliant commerce+ data accessibleto everyone

Build your business on the best possible technology.

Chord combines headless technology and actionable data in one brilliant platform, enabling you to maximize conversion across every channel.

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  • Quickly create incredible, unique experiencesThe best customer experiences are driven by the best technology
  • Reduce CAC and improve conversionA single source of truth that supercharges your decisions
  • Centralize your data and get unique insightsMaximum visibility into customer behavior with best-in-class tracking
  • Future-proof your tech stackNimble, API-first architecture that will always evolve with your brand

Taking Headless from Brainless to Brilliant

Omnichannel and future-proof, Chord’s Headless technology allows you to build completely unique experiences that are smarter and routed in your data-driven customer understanding.

What is headless (and why is it the future)?

Unrivaled data insights — without the need for a data team

Accurate data insights, surfaced at every level of your stack, and that scale with your team's skills and expertise — leverage our powerful, proprietary dashboards and take immediate action.

We didn’t want our site and purchase experience to feel like anything else.

Nick Jain
Nick JainCo-Founder, August

Nothing beats the data. The data is king, so I can understand my customer better.

David Dea
David DeaChief Technology Officer, Super 73

We’re more responsive to what our customers are looking for.

Catherine de Montille
Catherine de MontilleVP of Ops and Tech, Another Tomorrow
Building the platformwe always thoughtshould exist – and makingit available to everyone.
Bryan Mahoney – Chief Executive Officer
Bryan Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer
Former CTO at Glossier;
Founder & CTO at Dynamo
Henry Davis – Chairman and CSO
Henry Davis
Chairman and CSO
Former COO at Glossier;
Investor at Index Ventures
Melissa Pegus – Chief Revenue Officer
Melissa Pegus
Chief Revenue Officer
Former CRO at Diff;
Investor at Tech Square Ventures
Patti Chan – Vice President, Product
Patti Chan
Vice President, Product
Former VP Product at Imperfect Foods;
Advisor at Jupiter
Lynley Flannagan – Vice President, Operations
Lynley Flannagan
Vice President, Operations
Former Head of People at Glossier

Backed by investors who know DTC

Foundation Capital
Whitestar Capital
Index Ventures
Thrive Capital
We’re forging a new path – join us.

We’re forging a new path – join us.

We’re looking for team members with a range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to help us explore new ground in ecommerce.

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Integrates seamlesslywith your business.

Chord Frontend

Supercharge your Shopify store by adding Chord's headless and data capabilities.

Chord Complete

Unleash the full power of the platform with nimble headless and rich data insights.

Blazing Fast Frontend

  • Headless Content Management
  • Increased Frontend Performance
  • Instrumented SDK Access

Rich Data Insights

  • Provisioned Customer Data Platform
  • Joint Customer View
  • Analytics Platform

Best-in-Class OMS

  • Hosted, Multi-Channel Order Management
  • Multi-Currency Payments API

Starting at

$1,000 per month + 0.75% transaction fee

Starting at

$1,000 per month + 1% transaction fee

Works with:

Shopify Plus

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