How Chord helped Maker Wine create a one-of-a-kind subscription experience—and change their business for good.

Alex Nemeroff

Key Stats

  • 300% YoY Revenue Growth
  • 80%+ Subscriber retention rate
  • 50% Conversion rate increase

Maker Wine

  • Founded in 2018 at Stanford’s “Startup Garage.”
  • Women-owned and run business
  • Supporting award-winning small producers
  • Eco-conscious packaging in recyclable cans
  • Launched on Chord in June 2021

Maker Wine came to Chord because they knew they had an opportunity to build a large, loyal subscription base, but felt hamstrung by their commerce stack. Subscriptions were painful to manage, hard to customize, and tough to report on. With an eye on long-term success, they knew Chord was the right commerce platform to help them realize their vision.

The Solution
We went from slow, sh*tty winery software to the best tech stack in the world and went from 0 to 60 over a couple months with a 5 person team.” – Sarah, CEO of Maker Wine

Chord helped Maker create a truly differentiated customer experience with custom subscription features that go far beyond traditional Subscribe-and-Save models. Instead of focusing only on cost savings, Chord's tech empowered Maker Wine to tailor their subscriptions to the needs of their business, with customizable, customer-focused features. Chord also launched subscription renewal notification emails, so Maker Wine could create an even more customer-centric experience.

The Result
We've built a truly differentiated subscription experience based on content & community, and have a truly obsessed Can Club crew.” — Sarah, CEO of Maker Wine

Thanks to Chord’s headless commerce stack and ultra-flexible subscription framework, Maker Wine was able to create a highly tailored customer experience that helped them reach beyond their goals. The results speak for themselves:

Growing Subscription Rate = More Revenue

30% of Maker's revenue (and growing) comes from the subscription Can Club.

Better Customer Experience = Less Churn

The Can Club is seeing >80% retention at 1 year (amounting to 4+ shipments per member).

Avid Subscribers = More Ad-Hoc Orders

Can Club customers spend ~$450 on average in the first 6 months, and 30% order in between their quarterly shipments.

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